For years we have operated under the brand Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. No matter how much we loved this brand we had no freedom to grow. Since we believe our frozen yogurt is one of the best in the world and is an art of ice cream making, we feel the urge to expand worldwide. We worked on our yogurt for a very long time, developing the right recipes that focused on exceptional texture, amazing taste, health benefits and the simplicity of its preparation.

All of these knowhows make us the best choice and a great business opportunity. It is for this reason we have changed the name of our brand to Summer Love Frozen Yogurt. Summer Love is something that most of us have experienced. Both words Summer and Love are something that people always crave, especially along with a cold, lightly sweet and happy treat.

Summer Love Frozen Yogurt is the best name for what our team is focused on. We are driven to give warm and positive emotions all year long. Even when it may be miserable outside and the mood is down, there is a cup of sunlight at a Summer Love Frozen Yogurt shop. We are excited!

Opened in 2012

Developed many unique recipes

Offer both dairy and non-dairy options

Largest yogurt chain in Eastern Europe

Modern store design



Over the years we have changed certain aspects of our Froyo machines to include some important features. The machines are produced by a well known manufacturer to our specs. These machines produce the best frozen yogurt and are easy to clean and service. All of our equipment is washed and sanitised daily to ensure the best quality of product and service. 


Self-serve is the best way to experience our frozen yogurt. With so many amazing flavors the only way is to try them all. Even if it takes more than one visit self-serve format is a stress free interactive experience that ends at the bottom of a cup.
Take one natural flavor of tart or mix together a multi-flavor confection with your own selection of fresh and sweet toppings. It not just a cup, it is your cup. And it is as unique as you are.  

Own R&D and manufacturing

We just can't stop improving our frozen yogurt and creating new flavors. When we start, we start from scratch, from regular milk that gives our yogurt the clean taste of dairy or with fructose that is the only source of sweetness we use, or the real fruit that gives the final mouthwatering experience of this healthy ice cream alternative. 

Fresh fruit 

Any time of year, be it dead of winter or scorching sun season, we offer the freshest fruit and berries. And the other toppings will never disappoint either. Chocolates and nut mixes are offered daily as well.

All that is left to do is grab a cup fill it up with our delicious flavors of frozen yogurt, cover it with fresh fruit and candy, 

We are always happy to see you serve yourself with the best Froyo, because it's a beautiful sight! 

Our mission

Summer Love Frozen Yogurt is unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions. The convenient self-serve model and the amazing taste of top-class frozen yogurt will leave you craving more!