Frozen "Yogurt" & more

Plant based low calorie frozen yogurt enriched with fiber, great flavor, minerals, and tons of great attitude...


Luxuriously rich, wonderful flavor of our soft-serve plant based ice cream is as real as the original dairy ice cream or Froyo. Real dairy-like frozen dessert that burst with flavor of exotic fruit, forest berries or real American pecan. All that you love in ice cream without the controversy of milk. 

As Good As an ApplE! 
Dairy-like, but dairy-free, irresistibly delicious with natural flavors. It is light yet loaded with healthy dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
This not-so-yogurt is a result of an idea that took years to develop. We have fruit flavors that taste creamy like they are made of natural milk. The flavor of this Not Yogurt is intense, and its soft texture delivers a genuinely flavorful and memorable experience.

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our frozen "yogurt." Summer Love dessert is made for everyone and without compromises, it is a beautiful and reasonably healthy treat for anyone, whether vegan or not. 


At our stores, everyone becomes a participant in an interactive activity.

Create your own perfect multi-flavor cup of frozen "yogurt" or soft serve ice cream by choosing your favorite from a wide variety of options, or you can treat yourself to our natural real tasting tart "Froyo" flavor instead!

Top it off with fresh fruit and berries, chocolate, a mix of nuts or selection of many other toppings and syrups.

Mix, mix, mix and do it all yourself!


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