Frozen Yogurt

International chain of stores selling low calorie frozen yogurt enriched with great flavor, vitamins D3, C and tons of great attitude...

Vitamins D3 & С
Kickstart your immune system today


Covid-19 has brought some changes to Summer Love Frozen Yogurt. The safety of our staff and our customers will always be our top priority, but we still want people to have fun. We have always kept our stores and all of the stores' equipment clean. The changes we have made follow local guidelines, with some enhanced safety and cleaning measures specific to our format.  

Luxuriously rich, wonderful flavor of our frozen yogurt is a staple food for many of our customers. Real dairy yogurt flavors that burst with flavor of exotic fruit, forest berries or real American pecan.

Not Yogurt

We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our frozen yogurt, so we have many dairy free alternatives. This not so yogurt is a result of an idea that took years to develop. We have fruit flavors that taste creamy like they are made with milk, but yet contain zero milk or milk products. The flavor of this Not Yogurt is intense, its soft texture delivers a truly flavorful and memorable experience.


At our stores, everyone becomes a participant in an interactive activity.

Create your own perfect multi-flavor cup of frozen yogurt by choosing your favourite from a wide variety of options, or you can treat yourself to our natural tart flavor instead!

Top it off with fresh fruit and berries, chocolate, a mix of nuts or selection of many other toppings and syrups.

Mix, mix, mix and do it all yourself!


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